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The first version of the most versatile AMR in the market

TUGBOT’s first version solves the last pressing challenge in intra-logistics automation: how to automate the thousands of different carts and trolleys manually pulled to move millions of tons of daily freight inside warehouses, factories, construction sites and other businesses. The TUGBOT leverages advanced design, engineering, manufacturing and mechatronics expertise to offer a customisable but reliable gripping system for pulling industrial loads. TUGBOT can perform its assigned tasks autonomously or semi-autonomously, being able to autonomously navigate along complex paths through changing environments with minimal human guidance.

The TUGBOT enables the automation of manual material handling processes by attaching seamlessly to a wide range of wheeled vehicles commonly used in the intra-logistics field.

Why Choose TUGBOT

  • Improve Facility Safety

    You can achieve a safer work environment by letting the robots do the dangerous, tedious and labour-intensive tasks.

  • Reduce Labour Costs

    Our AGVs reduce non value-added labour costs allowing workers to be reassigned to higher-value activities.

  • No Need to Change your Infrastructure

    A combination of cameras, lasers, sensors and environment matching marks to achieve reliable natural navigation without any changes in the facility infrastructure.

  • Flexible Software Choice

    TUGBOT is a software-agnostic robot which means it can be powered by any robot navigation and fleet management software available in the market. TUGBOT currently works with four different software providers and the end users have the flexibility to choose the most applicable platform for their use-case.

Technical Specifications

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions 741 × 640 × 463 mm [LxWxH]
Weight 45kg (without gripper)


Operational Time 5h continuous
Max Pull Force 300Kg (depends of floor surface)
Max Payload 70kg (carry on payload)
Max Speed 2.0m/s
Max Incline
Turning Radius 0.3m (without cart)
Position Accuracy +/-10cm; +/-1cm with 2D code marker

Environmental Conditions

  • Max Traversable Gap 3 cm
  • Floor Flat ground with smooth surface
  • Environment Type Indoor
  • Ambient Temperature -5°C to 50°C (humidity 10-95% non-condensing)
  • IP Class IP 30


Mini-itx motherboard with Intel core i5 3.0GHz 16Gb DDR4 RAM 256Gb SSD


2x USB


1x RGB camera (rear)
Localization options: LIDAR 3D vision Infrared depth camera GPS (outdoors)
Visual Markers and Camera Ultrasonic beacons / laser lighthouse / wifi beacon


Front Lidar Hokuyo UAM-05LP-T301 – Safety compliant ISO13849-1, IEC61496-1/3
Rear Lidar Hokuyo URG-04lx Front Camera RGB / 3D depth camera
Rear Camera RGB / 3D depth camera
Optional Lidar Velodyne

Attachments Mechanical tow hook for moving external loads

Standard Behaviors

Battery charging behavior
Obstacle behavior
Intersection behavior

Navigation Behaviors

Follow object or person
Seek and Fetch

Power and Battery

Charging Time
2h30 to full charge
Battery Charger External (docking station)
Wheels Li-Ion 55V/650Wh
Stensors and Control Li-Ion 12V/240Wh

Safety / Warnings

Emergency Stop Safety lidar and emergency stop button
Warning Light Flash orange light
Warnings Sound
Status Light RGB Leds

TUGBOT at the Service of the Industry