The most versatile autonomous mobile robot

The Perfect Solution For Your Intra-Logistics Processes

No matter which type of cart, trolley, dolly or wheeled vehicle your company uses to move materials from point A to point B, TUGBOT can pull anything on 4 or more wheels. Relying on an industrial-grade range of flexible and plug-and-play mechanical grippers TUGBOT solved the last obstacle to enable automation at global scale of intra-logistics processes that use manually pulled wheeled vehicles.

No need for metal adapters, no need to purchase new carts or make any physical modification in your cart or facilities.

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Easy-to-use and Quick-to-deploy

Tugbot can be easily integrated into your operations

  • No Need to Change your Infrastructure

    A combination of cameras, lasers, sensors and environment matching marks to achieve reliable natural navigation without any changes in the facility infrastructure.

  • Fast Deployment

    Depending on the complexity of the use-case and the size of the fleet, a TUGBOT system can be deployed on average between 2-4 weeks.

  • TUGBOT 2

    After 5 years of successful operation TUGBOT is launching a new model the TUGBOT 2 that presents numerous improvements based on customer feedback and technology evolution.

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TUGBOT’s track record

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The Market Challenge is Solved

Look no further.
TUGBOT can pull any cart.

Manufacturers and logistics companies are facing unprecedented challenges with increasing pressure to improve efficiency and reduce costs whilst facing shortage of labour. That automation is the solution for those problems is no secret in the industry however prior to TUGBOT there was no solution available at global level to automate those processes as each company uses a different type of cart and traditional vendors shift the ownership of such an issue to the customer i.e. put adapters on the carts or purchase new cart models specifically made for a robot manufacturer - both risky and costly. TUGBOT then spotted the opportunity and produced an innovative solution that provides a plug-and-play gripper to any type of cart your company may use.

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Flexible Approach

TUGBOT accepted the challenge to pull any and all types of carts

Send your cart to us and get
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