TUGBOT is a software-agnostic autonomous mobile robot that can be powered by any robot navigation and fleet management software that is ROS-based. In most cases the end user has to use the only standard option available from the manufacturer that usually does not fulfill all the requirements of every use case. Therefore the software-agnostic feature from TUGBOT enables the end user to choose the best software for their use case looking at the pros and cons of each provider.

TUGBOT is currently running projects with five software platforms being two commercially available for our entire global customer network which are MOVEL.AI from Singapore and NODE Robotics from Germany. Both MOVEL and NODE provide an intuitive, easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy platform that reliably powers the TUGBOT 1 and TUGBOT 2. Our software team is available to introduce you to both platforms and assist your decision making process on which platform you should use for your TUGBOT use case.


NODE: The operating system for collaborative AMR fleets

With NODE.OS heterogeneous AMR fleets can be operated holistically – from the receipt and allocation of pending transport orders to the control of individual vehicles. This is the only way to exploit the potential of AMR in terms of flexibility and autonomy and to realize collaboratively operating fleets in diverse applications. 

The modular architecture, as well as the easy configurability of the individual components of NODE.OS, enables a customized solution for your application – from virtual line guidance to free navigation.


Movel AI is a robotics software, deep tech startup based in Singapore, with teams across Asia

With MOVEL AI, you can automate robots at scale. Reduce deployment time and eliminate development costs for your robots.
Its flagship product suite named Seirios, combines modern robotics and web technologies to provide users with a user-friendly interface for interacting with and commanding robots. Designed by humans, for humans.

Our Native Software

The first ever TUGBOT installation at CTT Correios (Portugal’s postal service) deployed in 2017 is running our ROS-based native software devised by our own engineering team running smoothly for +5 years. This native code is used as the foundation to quickly integrate our robots to any software platform such as NODE or MOVEL.

The only autonomous mobile robot in the market that offers flexible software choice.

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