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Innovation meets uniqueness producing the most advanced AMR

The TUGBOT concept solved a worldwide problem by enabling all companies of all sizes to automate their intralogistics processes without any modification to their facility and with no changes required on their carts. However as TUGBOTs were deployed around the globe, technology was evolving rapidly and we continued to learn from customer feedback it became clear that there was significant room for improvement. Based on those finding our R&D team devised the TUGBOT 2 on the top of the same principle of flexible mechanical engagement to pull any cart we added several improvements highlighting the cutting-edge wireless charging system that enables continuous operation for nearly 8 hours with 25-minutes charging, increased payload of 600kg and reduced servicing time by 90%.

The TUGBOT enables the automation of manual material handling processes by attaching seamlessly to a wide range of wheeled vehicles commonly used in the intra-logistics field.

Why Choose TUGBOT

  • Improve Facility Safety

    You can achieve a safer work environment by letting the robots do the dangerous, tedious and labour-intensive tasks.

  • Reduce Labour Costs

    Our AGVs reduce non value-added labour costs allowing workers to be reassigned to higher-value activities.

  • No Need to Change your Infrastructure

    A combination of cameras, lasers, sensors and environment matching marks to achieve reliable natural navigation without any changes in the facility infrastructure.

  • Flexible Software Choice

    TUGBOT is a software-agnostic robot which means it can be powered by any robot navigation and fleet management software available in the market. TUGBOT currently works with four different software providers and the end users have the flexibility to choose the most applicable platform for their use-case.

Download the TUGBOT 2 Datasheet